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Welcome to the Mathematics Department.
 Mathematics is one of the core subjects for all pupils in S1 to S4.
Although Mathematics is not compulsory in S5 and S6, many students continue their study of mathematics to gain qualifications to equip them for life, further learning and the world of work.
Our main departmental aim is to prepare students to become successful learners and confident individuals and enable them to take their place in society, by providing them with the mathematical skills and numerical skills required to do so.

The Department
Mr. R.Oliphant                 Principal Teacher of Mathematics
Mr. A. Stevenson             Principal Teacher of Vocational Co-ordination
Ms. K. Ankers                  Principal Teacher of Guidance (Acting)
Miss.N. Currie                Numeracy Co-ordinator
Miss.L. Norwood             Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs. F.Cunningham           Teacher of Mathematics

Courses 2012-2013
S1 to S3
All pupils will continue to work through the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) Levels for mathematics and numeracy as part of their Broad General Education.
This follows on from their work done in primary school, where it is anticipated that most pupils will have covered and be secure in Second Level mathematics and numeracy by the end of Primary 7.
The following guide will help form an understanding of how most pupils are expected to progress in mathematics in the Junior Phase (S1 to S3):- 

  • Secure at Third Level – by December of S2.
  • Working on Fourth Level experiences and outcomes – by April of S3.

Some pupils may be reported as being secure at Fourth Level before the end of S3.
Some pupils may need more time to become secure at Third Level.

All S4 students will continue to study mathematics at Standard Grade.
There are three levels; Credit (Grades 1 and 2), General (Grades 3 and 4) and Foundation (Grades 5 and 6).
Students were set by ability at the end of their S2 year and have been following either a Credit/General course or a General/foundation course in S3.
In November/December of S4, most students will sit preliminary examinations at two levels; Credit/General or General/Foundation.
Some will sit Foundation only.
The results of the preliminary examinations will determine which exam combination each student will sit in May of S4.

Credit and General      or
General and Foundation         or
Foundation only. 

A number of students may be identified to complete an alternative course, Access 3, in order to gain a qualification in mathematics which roughly equates to a Standard Grade 6 award.
There is no external exam for Access 3, with all assessments being carried out internally.

S5 and S6
Students are encouraged to continue with mathematics beyond S4.
The course of study in S5 and S6 depends on previous attainment.
Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Higher are available in S5 and S6, with Advanced Higher offered to students in S6 who gain a pass at Higher in S5.

The department provides jotters and various other equipment and resources for use in and out of class, but all pupils are expected to bring a pencil and have their own calculator.

We encourage pupils to participate in mathematical activities/competitions including:-
Scottish Mathematical Challenge, United Kingdom Maths Challenge (S1 to S4), North Ayrshire Council Enterprising Maths Competition, World Maths Day, Pupil of the Month and online homework via